eMerge: Laws of the Road

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Following the Laws of the Road™
The Universe is guided by a set of Laws-do you follow them?

We’ve developed eMerge Laws of the Road to guide you on your journey. These laws are designed to govern you. But reading the laws will only give you a foundation. It’s through the daily practice of following them that you’ll become stronger. We recommend that you learn them in small steps. Learn, focus and apply.

By respecting and practicing these laws, your life will improve, your relationships will become stronger and you’ll have a more joyful outlook on life.

The systematic order of the Laws of the Road is designed to provide optimum benefits for you, the Driver. As you learn the Laws of the Road, it is important to apply the various car parts. The focus will be your goals, your life. You will observe people, places and situations that will guide you or provide lessons.

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