Our most frequently asked questions:

Do guests have use of the kitchen?
Yes, guests have full use of the kitchen. There is a gas oven, gas stove-top, microwave, and automatic dishwasher. Any plates, glasses, and silverware should be rinsed and loaded into the dishwasher and washed.  Pots, pans, and cooking utensils, etc. should be washed after use, and put back into the designated storage cabinets.

Are there cooking utensils, pots and pans, available in the kitchen?
Yes, there are pots, pans, baking sheets, cooking utensils, plates, bowls, glasses and silverware available for use in the kitchen.

Do you provide bedding – sheets, pillowcases, quilts?
Yes, we provide bedding. We do ask that you strip your bed(s) of sheets and pillowcases the day you depart and place them downstairs in the laundry room hamper.

Do you provide gas for the outdoor gas grill?
Yes, a tank of propane is provided for the outdoor gas grill. If you use the whole tank, you must purchase a refill yourself.

Are there fire pits?
Yes, there are two rustic fire pits or “circles”, with rustic, log stump seating. Firewood is provided and is on-site.

Is wood provided for the great room fireplace indoors?
Yes, plenty of cut firewood is provided on-site.

How are massage services or other spa services set up?
We have a dedicated massage room with massage table on-site. Please make your request at least 24-hours in advance for a massage or other spa service (manicure, pedicure, or foot spa).

What type of sauna is provided?
The sauna is a 4-6 person, Finnish-style sauna with electric heater. You may throw water on the sauna rocks to create steam.  Note: Guests with heart conditions, that are pregnant or have other medical conditions should seek advice of their physician before using a sauna. Use of sauna is at your own risk.

Are children allowed?
Yes, children are allowed. Warning: There is an outdoor swimming pool on the property and no lifeguard is provided. Swimming and use of the pool area are at your own risk. Children are not allowed in the pool area unattended. There are mesh gates which you may shut to close off the pool area. It is up to the guest with a child or children to supervise their children on the property and to keep the mesh gates to the pool area closed. In addition, parents are to supervise children on the lakeside of the property also; there are high sandstone cliffs that are not fenced, and directly below them is Lake Superior. Children are not allowed to be lakeside unattended. No lifeguard is provided.

Is the swimming pool heated?
Yes, the swimming pool is outdoors, heated, and is available for use during the months of June, July, and August. The depth is 3 ½ feet to 9 feet. Swimming and use of the pool are at your own risk; a lifeguard is not provided. The swimming pool area can be closed off with mesh gates. Children are not to be in the pool area unattended.

May I bring a dog, cat, or other pet?
No, guests are not allowed to bring animals. Note: There is a small, type “O”, hypoallergenic, friendly, and very quiet dog that lives on the property.

What is the access to the lake?
The access to the lake is a medium – challenging climb down a graduated sandstone-layered cliff. If you choose to climb down the sandstone cliff access area, we ask that you be in appropriate physical condition to do so. No lifeguard is provided and swimming or any water sport or activity is at your own risk. You will need water shoes as the underwater is part sandstone structures and rocks which can be slippery. There are portions of sandy lake bottom further out.

Do you provide kayaks or canoes?
No, kayaks and canoes are not available. You may bring your own kayaks or canoes for kayaking and canoeing, but you do so at your own risk. We do not provide a lifeguard. We ask that you also bring your own life jackets and use them when kayaking or canoeing. Lake Superior can be become very deep quickly in some areas, and storms can arise suddenly. There is a climb down a graduated sandstone cliff in order to bring your kayak or canoe down to the water. Please contact the owner, or property manager, for more details if you would like to bring a kayak or canoe.

Do you allow weddings, conferences, parties, and other events?
Yes, we allow weddings and other special events. If you are interested in holding a special event, please contact the owner, for details. The charge for an event rental is determined by the type of event and the specific details of the event.

Do you allow snowmobiles?
Yes, we allow snowmobiles. We have a circular drive with plenty of room for snowmobile trailers and parking. In addition, directly across the street from our long, private, wooded drive, is an entrance to the Baraga snow mobile trails. Most snowmobiling guests take the trails to the south as it is more developed. You can also go north on the trails and will go around South Range.  Please see our Services Page, Snowmobile section, for links and more information.

Can we rent the whole house?
Yes, you may rent the whole house. If you rent the whole house, breakfast is not provided, but you will have access to full kitchen facilities. If you rent the whole house, you are expected to do reasonable daily upkeep on the house, such as keeping dishes washed and the kitchen reasonably clean, and tidy, and keeping rooms in reasonably tidy condition. A reasonable supply of paper towels, toilet paper, and dish washing soap is provided. NOTE: Owner or property manager may enter property at various times during a whole house rental to do maintenance activities.

Are laundry facilities available on-site?
Yes, a washer and dryer are available on-site. However, you must provide your own laundry detergent.

Is there a security deposit?
We do not currently require a security deposit. However, if damages occur caused by a guest, there may be a charge to cover the cost of a replacement or repair.