Pampering Parties

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LaRose Wellness Retreat and Back to Basics are working together to bring you with the ultimate in pampering experience. What is a Pampering Party? It is a party held amongst women in which each guest receives beauty and/or relaxation experiences. It is when women spend time indulging and pampering themselves.

So why not enjoy an evening or afternoon of pure pampering for you and your friends in the comfort of the LaRose Wellness Retreat. Get together with your friends, add some healthy snacks, and get pampered by fully trained experts, while enjoying a soothing relaxing massage, hot tub, sauna and some beauty treatments?

A Pamper Party is a new, exciting and a healthy way to celebrate special occasions for girls and ladies of all ages! Throw a pamper party to celebrate a special occasion such as a birthday, baby shower, engagement party, or just because you want to spend some quality time together with your friends whilst being pampered.

We have created a number of Pampering Options to suite most of your desires. So you can each choose your preference of pampering experiences to enjoy. Call 906-353-6714 to schedule your party today.

Ultimate in Relaxation
Ultimate in Relaxation